Are you playing not to lose or are you playing to actually win and create what you deeply long to in life and in your work? As our guest today, Adrian Koehler explains in this episode, we are all capable of being powerful, confident, secure, and fearless leaders. But in order to do so, we have to be willing to embrace the fear and risk that comes with the unknown.

Adrian Koehler is a top leadership engagement expert and Founder and Senior Partner at the coaching firm Take New Ground. His approach is based on the idea that rather than aiming to reach a particular emotional state (“I want to be less scared,” for example), if we want to reach our fullest potential as leaders, we need to aim to be courageous instead (“I’m going to take the leap despite my fear”). 

Drawing on his background in philanthropy, ministry, activism, and medicine, Adrian thrives in extreme environments and finds comfort in difficult conversations —in fact, his passion for human performance has taken him around the globe, serving people in times of crisis, transformation, and stalemates. Over the last decade, Adrian has trained and developed leaders at NIKE, Virgin Hyperloop One, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Herschel Supply Co., Oprah Winfrey Network, Gavin DeBecker & Associates, Siegel & Gale, UCLA and elsewhere. Adrian is also the co-host of two engaging podcasts: Raising The Bar with Drybar Founder Alli Webb and The Naked Leadership Podcast with Take New Ground Sr. Partner Dan Tocchini. 

Being human means having insecurities, but what we do with those insecurities and how mentally approach them is up to us. If you are ready to stop denying what is possible for you and start taking greater responsibility for your actions so your visions can become reality, tune in today for a conversation that will inspire you to be real, powerful (and if this word makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to hear Adrian’s definition of it), and of course, brave! 

Key Highlights From This Episode:  

  • Introducing today’s guest, leadership engagement expert, Adrian Koehler. [02:24]
  • Four of our core human desires and what they signify. [04:41]
  • The unpredictable nature of our emotions and why we shouldn’t aim towards a particular emotional state. [05:40]
  • What it truly looks like to be courageous. [06:20]
  • Adrian explains specifically what it takes to be a true leader. [10:04]
  • A mantra that helped Adrian get through one of the darkest times of his life. [10:29]
  • The link between power and vitality, and why truly powerful people desire for other people to be powerful too. [14:10]
  • Adrian’s thoughts on why people are afraid of embracing the full extent of their power. [16:42]
  • Exploring the concept of “hugging the cactus.” [20:04]
  • The importance (and results) of taking personal responsibility for your circumstances and your actions. [25:54]


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“Any time we aim at [an emotional] state, we’re in trouble because we can’t really get handles on our feelings. They’re like jello.” — @adekoehler [0:06:10]

“I’m courageous when I don’t want to talk and I do. I’m courageous when I don’t want to ask for help and I do. I’m courageous when I don’t want to admit I’ve messed it up and I do.” — @adekoehler [0:06:40]

“If I’m going to lead, fear is going to be with me. Period.” — @adekoehler [0:08:04]

“Having the intuition, testing the intuition, and then taking appropriate action based on the future that I’ve committed to; that’s where the leadership happens. Leadership is a phenomenon that happens in action.” — @adekoehler [0:10:07]

“Power and vitality are inseparably linked.” — @adekoehler [0:14:11]


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