Although we have made strides in advancing the professional lives of women and minorities in the last several decades, there are still key areas where companies need to improve their employment practices. 

Our guest today, Jean Back, is an employment attorney with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt and has over 25 years of experience in helping employers navigate and solve a range of complicated problems and scenarios. Her experience is broad and covers litigation as well as mediation and settlement of employment and business tort claims. She has also conducted training for managers and employees in employment compliance and is experienced in all areas of state and federal employment, wage and hour, discrimination, and leave laws.

Today, you’ll hear Jean unpack the key distinctions between overt and unconscious bias and how they can come into play in a wide range of employment practices. She explains how unconscious biases show up in the hiring and layoff process and what can be done to address these biases. Jean also discusses how to cultivate a bias-free work culture and how to improve your own organization’s DEI practices today. 

Even the most progressive employers (who approach hiring with the best of intentions) can have blindspots when it comes to unconscious bias. And while we all may have unconscious biases, recognizing them is the first step in the journey to change them. To learn how to avoid these stumbling blocks to a fair and equitable workforce and what you can personally do to build a workplace that works for all, don’t miss this episode. 


Key Highlights From This Episode:  

  • The distinctions between overt and unconscious bias. [03:40]
  • Examples of how job descriptions can signal bias through their language. [06:25]
  • How our brains use unconscious bias and prejudice to protect us. [08:17]
  • How training can help you become more aware of your biases and address them proactively. [10:07]
  • Why you need to seek out information on how to reprogram your unconscious biases. [13:24]
  • Examples of words that are used in job descriptions that unconsciously invite men to apply while discouraging female applicants. [16:08]
  • An overview of the doll test and what it teaches us about unconscious bias. [17:11]
  • How unconscious bias can affect the layoff and hiring process and how to fix these problems in an organization. [20:57]
  • The most important Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) elements that companies need to be focusing on. [27:57]
  • An overview of the need for pay equity laws and how to conduct a pay equity analysis within your company. [29:39]


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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:  

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Read Kathy’s Forbes interview with Jean Black How To Eliminate Gender Bias In Your Hiring And Employment Practices Today

Learn more about the Doll Test and its devastating effects Brown v. Board: The Doll Test

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“If you think ahead, you can use your conscious brain to make the decisions. And then question yourself when you’re making a decision. Ask yourself ‘Am I using my conscious brain to make this decision?’ or is this decision being influenced by my unconscious brain?” — Jean Black [0:13:09]

“It’s not my job to teach you this. [You] need to go out and learn this yourself. There are lots of good books, [and] lots of good articles. But you need to make this a priority.” — Jean Black [0:15:14]

“One thing that I am speaking to HR folks about these days, is that unconscious bias starts at the hiring stage and the performance review stage. And that can ultimately affect the layoff process.” — Jean Black [0:20:58]

“It’s a matter of looking at similarly situated people and determining whether they were treated the same, or differently. And if they were treated differently, then why were they treated differently?” — Jean Black [0:27:30]

“You have to post what the salary range is going to be for that job. The reason for that is if you don’t do that, it enables people to come in and negotiate for their salary. And studies have shown that men are better advocates for themselves. ” — Jean Black [0:30:04]

“The world is changing. It’s really hard for some people to change these deep-seated belief systems. What I’m trying to say is you don’t have to change what you believe. You can remain true to yourself and your beliefs, but allow others to have their beliefs.” — Jean Black [0:35:01]

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