The festive season is upon us! And while this time of year is traditionally dedicated to friends, family, and celebrations, it is often accompanied by stress and looming deadlines. It is also the time of year when many of us feel the very real effects of burnout, especially after laboring under consistently high levels of stress for most of the year.

Today on the solo podcast episode, I take a closer look at the prevalence of burnout in modern culture today. I break down the reasons why I believe burnout to be an epidemic today (and research supports that belief) and offer advice on what can be done to address and prevent it.

In my recent Forbes article Why Burnout Is An Epidemic and 3 Powerful Ways to Address it, I outline my observations and provide strategies and tips for shifting our behaviors and habits in ways that pave the way for reduced stress and burnout, and allow for more self-care, and emotional and physical restoration. Listeners who wish to do further exploration on this topic and learn more about how to “find brave” every day to build a happier, more rewarding and fulfilling life and career on your own authentic terms, can find helpful support in my latest book, The Most Powerful You.

Today, you’ll hear a breakdown of how a confluence of unprecedented factors — such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in remote work — have contributed to new highs in burnout rates. I unpack some key psychological concepts that important to understand, including perfectionistic over-functioning and its effects, and I explain how these habits affect our loved ones and contribute significantly to burnout. I also discuss how we can learn to identify what is within our control (and what isn’t) and begin to shift our habits and address burnout head on, in our own daily lives.

It may seem that there is simply too much outside of our control to enact meaningful change within our lives. But by making small tweaks to your mindset and introducing calming, self-restoring and balancing rituals, you can learn to identify small changes that make a big difference. To learn more about this important subject and how to create real and lasting positive change, don’t miss this episode, especially now, as we embark on a new holiday season. 


Key Highlights From This Episode: 

  • Kathy’s definition of burnout and the symptoms that can arise as a result. [03:15]
  • Why we are experiencing an epidemic of burnout. [04:03]
  • The concept of perfectionistic over-functioning and how it is affecting women. [06:13]
  • How to gain greater awareness so you can make greater choices. [08:21]
  • Understanding the changes that have happened in your life to lead you to experience burnout. [10:21]
  • How to determine which stressors are in your control, and which are not. [11:53]
  • What you can do to address the stressors that are in your control. [13:51]
  • How therapeutic support can help if you are feeling depressed or burnt out. [17:18]
  • How to value yourself and your well-being 10% more. [22:40]
  • Why we aren’t doomed to a condition of burnout. [26:07]


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“The deal is you cannot change or address that which you’re not aware of.” — @kathycaprino [0:08:36]

“What makes you most stressed, worried, and anxious? If you woke up tomorrow, and you weren’t stressed and anxious, how would you know?” — @kathycaprino [0:10:08]

“There are a lot of (negative) words that are thrown around about people who seek therapy, but they’re mistaken. You need to be strong to admit you need help. That’s strong. That’s brave. That’s not weak.” — @kathycaprino [0:18:19]

“If you don’t have 10% more to give to yourself, you are stuck in a cycle of over-functioning and being a martyr.” — @kathycaprino [0:24:57]

“We’re not doomed to a condition of burnout.” — @kathycaprino [0:26:07]

“It’s probably more than just a tiny tweak. It’s a consistent change. It’s a consistent change in your mindset. It’s a consistent change in how you feel about yourself and how you love yourself and how you accept yourself and validate yourself and honor yourself.” — @kathycaprino [0:26:58]


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