So many “successful” working professionals have followed the traditional path, yet ultimately find themselves deeply unfulfilled in their jobs. Our guest today was one such example. With his good grades at school, Steve Oehley went on to graduate from college to pursue a well-respected job as a veterinarian, only to find himself stressed and unhappy. 

He has since embarked on an inspiring journey of self-awareness, founding Escape the nine to five, a podcast and coaching program designed for college-educated professionals looking to discover a career path that truly resonates with them. Given his background in veterinary medicine, Steve’s passion lies in sharing his life-changing framework with other professionals in the field.

In this episode, Steve fills us in on the darker side of the veterinary profession and what can make it a stressful occupation for some. We learn about Steve’s background; what led him to the veterinary world and what moved him to pursue a new direction, as well as the inspiration for and evolution of ‘Escape the Nine to Five’ work. Steve has a very unique perspective with so many wonderful insights on what it means to escape the nine to five and how you, too, can find a more meaningful and rewarding professional direction.

Simply pivoting without taking time to truly understand yourself can set you back, which is why Steve advocates for identifying your strengths within your own industry and moving forward from there. He shares advice for those looking to change careers, particularly those who feel stuck in current role and field. If these feelings of professional entrapment resonate with you, listen in to find out key steps to begin to explore shifting your career in a more productive and meaningful way.


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why Steve decided to narrow his target audience to medical professionals and veterinarians. [04:17]
  • The dark side of the veterinary profession and what led Steve to pursue a new direction. [06:24]
  • Steve’s background and career journey, and advice for those looking to change careers.[10:02]
  • The inspiration behind Escape the Nine to Five, and what it means to do so. [14:59]
  • Steve’s journey to self-awareness, and what he learned about himsel in the process. [19:00]
  • The danger of pivoting without self-awareness. [22:29]
  • The critical importance of living a full life outside of your profession. [25:51]
  • How to free up time by evaluating your spending habits. [27:59]
  • Steve’s advice for those who feel stuck in their current 9-5 role. [30:15]
  • A summary of Steve’s framework for change. [35:32]


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“The reality is with any business you’re in … is that you really do need to niche down and find your target audience.” — @steveoehley [0:04:17]

“The first thing I would say for anyone looking to change career is, before you go and look at what other jobs are out there [and] what things you might be best suited to, you really need to emotionally understand yourself.” — @steveoehley [0:13:14]

“If you identify your strengths within your own industry, you can then potentially get quite a respectable job that pays relatively well and is heading you in the right direction towards what you might ideally be your dream job in five or ten years’ time.” — @steveoehley [0:24:13]

“Reducing the amount that you’re spending might enable you to go from your 40-hour five-day-a-week job to maybe a four-day-a-week job.” — @steveoehley [0:29:06]

“The only person that really cares about your career is yourself.” — @steveoehley [0:32:14]

“The things people regret the most in their life are not the things that they do do, but the things they don’t do.” — @steveoehley [0:34:34]


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