Believe it or not, everyone has a personal brand, whether you’ve taken the time to plan one or not. Today, you’ll hear from Dr. Cindy McGovern, the author of a new book on personal branding titled Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand.

Cindy is also the Founder of Orange Leaf Consulting, a sales and management consulting firm, and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Every Job Is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work. Known as the First Lady of Sales, Cindy speaks about personal branding, sales, and leadership topics all over the world.

In this episode, we dive into creating your legacy through your personal brand, what it takes to thoughtfully and intentionally craft an authentic personal brand and live it, and why Cindy believes that learning to sell like a sales professional will make you more successful at selling your most important product–you.

This episode illustrates the importance of understanding how your personal brand impacts those around you and why selling yourself needn’t feel ‘icky’ or uncomfortable. Plus it’s jam-packed with useful tips and practical advice for focusing on your impact– the outcomes you’re uniquely able to generate, using the perceptions of others about you and your work to your advantage, being very intentional about the words you choose to describe yourself, and so much more. Tune in now to learn how to build your personal brand and leverage it for greater impact today.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • What Cindy means when she says that simply identifying your personal brand will not make that brand powerful or effective. [05:57]
  • Common mistakes you might be making with your own personal brand. [07:12]
  • Selling yourself as a sales job and why sales needn’t be manipulative, uncomfortable, or dishonest. [07:45]
  • The value of asking the right questions to uncover what you can offer, uniquely and powerfully. [12:44]
  • Why so many corporate professionals struggle to define their personal brands. [14:11]
  • How to thoughtfully create an authentic brand and then live it, day in and day out. [17:35]
  • Tips for testing your brand by soliciting valuable and candid feedback. [20:00]
  • Using prejudice to your advantage by elevating different facets of your brand. [22:18]
  • Carefully examining the words you use to describe yourself and the impact they have. [27:47]
  • The importance of activating your network in order to create a lasting legacy. [31:54]


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“It’s more than having a brand and saying, ‘I want to be known as these words.’ It’s how you exemplify those words through your actions, [how you] create and craft your legacy, and — more importantly — how it impacts those around you. Without the impact, you don’t have a legacy.” — @1stladyofsales [0:06:36]

“I don’t actually sell someone on something. I invite them to buy.” — @1stladyofsales [0:10:41]

“You are not the company brand. You are not what is in your email signature line. You are whatever [impact] you are making on those around you.” — @1stladyofsales [0:15:15]

“I’m going to walk into this room, and they are going to underestimate me. How am I going to use that to my advantage? How am I going to elevate the facets of my brand to show them, sell them on the fact that I can do this?” — @1stladyofsales [0:22:52]

“If I don’t have a story to tell about you, you don’t actually have a legacy.” — @1stladyofsales [0:30:03]

“It’s the way you show up, the way you consistently keep the message going. You’re truly being your authentic self, but you are activating your network to want to help you sell. That’s how you actually create a legacy.” — @1stladyofsales [0:32:31]

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