What brings you joy? What makes you feel energized? What makes you, you? Loving yourself starts with understanding yourself and learning to accept yourself for who you are, rather than fixating on who you think you “should” be. Self-love is one of the most powerful things that we, as human beings, can do to enhance our lives. Today’s guest is Kate Northrup; entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother who has built a multimedia digital empire with her husband which supports hundreds of thousands of ambitious women to light up the world without burning out! 

When it comes to work, less is more! According to research, working 49 hours+ per week is linked to a decline in mental health. This negatively impacts productivity because happier people are more productive. During this episode, Kate explains the personal experiences that led her to discover how to do less to live better. Nobody is lying on their deathbed wishing they had more money; give yourself permission to be happier! 

Key Points From This Episode:  

  • Kate shares the personal experiences that motivated her to do less. [04:32]
  • Self-sourced scheduling; a brief overview of the system that Kate created. [08:30]
  • How tracking her cycle catalyzed Kate’s journey of reconnecting with herself. [10:23]
  • You are what you are, love yourself for that. [13:04]
  • Advice for figuring out what to let go of. [15:22]
  • Exploring the hyper-productivity trauma response. [18:37]
  • What research shows about the impact of working hours on women’s mental health. [23:47]
  • The benefits of shorter working hours, and how to take radical responsibility for your life (even if you work in a corporate environment). [24:23]
  • The three most important lessons that Kate has learned during her life so far (and the number one thing she has learned from being a mother). [27:25]


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“We have a tendency to live outside ourselves. When we are outside ourselves we don’t make the best decisions for ourselves because we are operating in essentially a separate universe where we are completely other-focused versus self-focused.” — @katenorthrup [0:08:11]

“Tracking my cycle and noticing how I felt was one of the most profoundly loving things I could do because instead of trying to be different, I was noticing how I am.” — @katenorthrup [0:11:51]

“It needs to bring you results or it needs to bring you joy.” — @katenorthrup [0:16:45]

“When said with love, the truth heals.” — @katenorthrup  [0:28:55]

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