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“You are like a thumbprint. You are absolutely unique. Now you have to understand how, and leverage it and be strong enough to be powerful.” – Kathy Caprino

This Summer, I’m delighted to offer you our “Summer Pick” series which brings you a selection of the most popular listener favorites from the past few years of shows. Today’s solo episode originally aired on November 15th, 2018. Hope you enjoy them!

In this episode, I share key findings from my in-depth research, interviews and client and course work with thousands of professional women around the world about the 7 most damaging power gaps that block 98% of women (and 90% of men) from reaching their highest potential and most thrilling, rewarding goals in their work and careers.

Here, I outline how these 7 gaps steal away our power, confidence, energy, vision, connection and influence, and I explain how these gaps derail us from achieving what we want most, no matter how we try. You’ll hear me share some specific, actionable tips and new approaches to help you recognize the gaps that are impacting your life today, and move forward to address these destructive gaps once and for all.

I also wanted to share that we have now moved to a biweekly schedule, continuing to bring you great episodes that I hope you find instrumental but also giving you a bit more time to check out and digest each episode and take action on the powerful strategies and tips that are shared. Thank you so much and wishing you a great summer! Enjoy the show! 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why I feel so passionate about what I’m talking about on this episode [2:21]
  • Who these gaps will affect and what forces keep them in place more for women than for men [3:31]
  • How I started learning more about gaps and what patterns I began to notice as I worked with more people [4:42]
  • What knowing and using your special abilities and talents will allow you to do and a way for introverts to discover their own [9:53]
  • Practical tips for communicating confidently [18:56]
  • Why you need to be aware of who is influential in your ecosystem and what to do once you know this [26:31]
  • What you can do in order to stop something you see that isn’t right, and why you don’t need to do this on your own [28:39]
  • How you can make embracing failure easier and tips for reframing what’s happened to you in your past [35:57]

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“I’ve lived these gaps and I can tell you how absolutely damaging, crippling, and crushing they can be.” [2:31]

“Greater awareness equals greater choice, meaning we cannot change something that we’re not aware of.” [3:50]

“The reality is if you can’t name and articulate your special abilities and talents, then you can’t leverage them effectively, or monetize them.” [9:43]

“If you shy away from speaking compellingly about what you’ve done and what you’ve actually achieved, you’re going to lose critical chances to claim new opportunities that will grow your influence and impact.” [16:16]

“Once you get on the path to communicate not from fear but from strength, you’re going to see how life changes.” [19:49]

“You need to embrace every opportunity, internally and externally, for meeting people that have influence and clout and have the ability to lift you up as they’re being lifted.” [28:01]

“We need to stop tolerating what is no longer tolerable.” [32:46]

“I want you to look at the failure that you think you are, the failures you’ve had, and actually turn it around.” [38:36]


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