“How am I going to do to deal with these hard challenges in a way that will add positivity? We don’t need any more negativity,, hate, blame and vitriolic tearing down of human beings. What we need is positive, effective, balanced, reasoned ways of dealing with the challenges.” – Kathy Caprino

What’s happening in our world today that’s unleashed so much vitriol, rage and hatred? Everywhere we turn, whether it’s from public figures in the spotlight or people on social media, we’re seeing millions of people tearing others down mercilessly. It doesn’t have to be this way, and on today’s Finding Brave I share my thoughts on how we can all do our part to start taking the high road, and demonstrate values that support humanity, connectedness and compassion, not rip it apart. We each can use our voices powerfully and stand up for what we believe, but also do it in a respectful, caring way at the same time.

If you want to be known as someone who elevates, enlightens and educates, I hope you find this show helpful on your path.

I’d love to hear from you about how you take the high road or why you choose not to. Please comment below or connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Whether you agree or disagree with what I share here, please respond respectfully so we can build helpful bridges and support each other on this journey through life.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What taking the high road in a situation can sometimes be mistaken for [3:19]
  • Changes that have happened in this world over the past number of years and how they’ve impacted us [4:46]
  • A fascinating experiment from 1963 that sheds light on human behavior and what is happening today [6:20]
  • The role that leadership in the United States has played in the current environment [11:06]
  • What to do to help you take the high road [13:11]
  • Why the Roseanne Barr situation has actually been a positive [20:31]
  • The two questions to ask yourself before posting a reply to someone on social media [23:09]
  • What things we really need in society today to support it [27:21]

Resources Mentioned:

The Milgram Experiment

January 21, 2018: Sunday Sermon by Dr. Brené Brown at Washington National Cathedral

Episode 19: How To Speak Up Effectively When You Feel You Can’t, with Kathy Caprino

Also of interest:

Kathy’s Forbes Post, What Is Feminism, And Why Do So Many Women And Men Hate It?


“I believe that people with a platform have a responsibility to make a positive difference.” [3:19]

“When you can’t see the person you’re hurting, you’re freer to commit an atrocity.” [9:45]

“We seem to have totally lost the ability to calmly and rationally discuss politics or other emotional issues.” [10:30]

“When someone comes at you with that much hate, sadly, what they don’t realize is what that shows about them.” [15:03]

“We’ve got to find brave in ourselves and breathe, regulate, and manage our emotions and our words, so that every world that you say, you’ve thought about and chosen carefully.” [27:49]


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