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“You don’t have to be amazing. You don’t have to put on this face like everything is great, and make it sound like it’s easy. You just have to keep going. Crawling is fine, because eventually you’ll get back up.” – Rachel Mushahwar

Are you a female leader who feels compelled to make a broader impact? We all have visions for what we want in life, but what do we do to create them and bring them into reality? Today’s Finding Brave guest has a burning desire to fulfill her mission to make the world a much better place than how she found it, but her journey hasn’t been without its challenges or struggles. In this episode, she shares her remarkable story and how as an executive for the world’s largest online retailer, she has set out to create high-performing work environments where all employees feel represented, respected, valued and empowered.

Rachel Mushahwar is the Head of North America Partner Sales at Amazon Web Services, leading an organization that leverages Partners to accelerate growth, drive innovation, and shape the future using AWS technology.

She has 25 years of experience developing, implementing and selling technology, working at companies including Intel Corporation, PetSmart, DHL and American Express, among others. She got her start as an award-winning engineer in heavy highway construction, igniting a passion to utilize technology to make things simpler and change outcomes in a meaningful way. 

From there she went on to pursue computer programming and began an enterprise IT journey that took her around the world building data centers. Along the way, she realized her skillset was better suited to solving customer problems than writing code, and she pivoted to leading billion-dollar sales and marketing organizations, developing the vision and strategy to ensure her companies’ technology kept pace with evolving market and organizational demands.

Rachel is deeply committed to inclusivity, diversity and equity, and believes in creating high-performing work environments where all employees feel represented, respected, valued and empowered.

She is an active supporter of STEM education programs and an advocate for providing the next-up generations with opportunities to build the future we all want to live in.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Rachel shares what it’s really like to balance raising 4 children with having a fast-paced career, and as you’ll hear, inspiration isn’t enough to make your visions a reality. She is someone who boldly chose not to pursue a life that is for someone else, and in the process, is successfully manifesting her best future self.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Rachel’s background and what led her to choose a career at Amazon Web Services [7:47]
  • Her approach to challenges in life, and the mindset shifts she made during the pandemic [9:20]
  • What the events of 2020 and beyond forced all of us to do [11:37]
  • Some of the major challenges Rachel has faced balancing a career while raising 4 children [17:59]
  • An example of a time she had to stand up to choose who she really wanted to be [20:06]
  • The work that Amazon is doing to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace [24:19]
  • What Rachel considers to be the keys to her success as a woman in highly male-dominated industries [26:42]
  • The importance of continued resilience and not feeling the need to be perfect [28:16]
  • Her best tip for manifesting the future self that you want to be [30:24]

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“It doesn’t matter if you travel to a different city, or if you travel to a different country, or if you just decide to take a different way to the grocery store. It’s changing up those habits to find something new, and to think about things in a different way.” [3:52] 

“In 2020 we were in the midst of a global pandemic and I took a step back. I really started thinking about how I could make a bigger impact, how I could do better, how I could be better, and how I could create better.” [7:45] 

“Every year is a mirror for what came before and a window for what’s next. While every year isn’t going to be 2020, the lessons that we all learned while we were closed up in our homes, should make us better every year going forward.” [9:08] 

“Even though there’s been a lot of progress for women since the 1990’s, real barriers still remain. Getting to where I am took a whole lot of sacrifices, and you don’t do it alone.” [18:15] 

“Everybody starts, everybody finishes, but the difference then is what we do with the time in between, and how we make it our own.” [22:31] 

“When I think about my job, I’m just one person, but to my kids upstairs, I’m everything.” [27:32]


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