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“Oftentimes, we hear people saying that they’re inviting everyone and everyone can input their own opinion. That’s great, that’s a start, but that doesn’t actually necessarily mean belonging. When you invite them, what happens when they get there? What’s their experience? That’s belonging.” – Rumeet Billan 

New research shows that almost half of employed Americans are thinking about leaving their current jobs. Those who are considering making a switch are less likely to feel a sense of belonging in their current workplace, which is most often associated with being treated fairly and respectfully. Today’s Finding Brave expert guest has conducted extensive research to show that belonging is good for business, and how there are multiple opportunities for leaders and employees at all levels to drive a sense of belonging for all members of the organization. 

Dr. Rumeet Billan is an award-winning, internationally recognized entrepreneur, researcher, speaker, and expert on psychological capital. Her mission is to transform workplace cultures through research, training, and experiences that enable trust, foster belonging, and build resilience.

The work that Rumeet is doing is so important, because as I’ve seen over and over in both our own professional lives and in organizations, “greater awareness always equals greater choice.” If you’re not aware of the things Rumeet reveals today, you can’t possibly change them. Belonging first starts with self-awareness, and both Rumeet and I hope that you feel inspired by this episode to expand your own understanding of what belonging really is and how to build a culture that supports it. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How Rumeet became passionately connected to the study of belonging, and what the results of her latest study can tell us about belonging in the workplace [5:05]
  • Whether or not feeling like we don’t belong is a sign that we should leave our current organization [8:19]
  • What she has seen from women feeling as if they don’t belong, and what the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” is all about [11:28]
  • The things that men are doing to other men in the workplace, and how this differs from how women act [14:55]
  • How a scarcity mindset plays a role in people cutting each other down [15:12]
  • What her research reveals about the importance of being treated fairly and respectfully 17:40]
  • Action steps we can take to improve the sense of belonging at all levels [22:04]
  • The power of storytelling, or what Rumeet likes to refer to as an “experience exchange” [23:28]
  • How belonging is so much more than just inviting people to conferences or a party [24:26]
  • The relationship between empathy and helping others feel that they belong [26:25]
  • A 3-step framework to follow if you see someone not being respected or treated fairly [30:30]
  • The ways to ask as a leader how your team wants to be shown appreciation [33:28]
  • Why leaders often struggle with acknowledging the team members they lead [38:59]


For More Information: 

The 2022 Workplace Belonging Survey


Resources Mentioned:

Rumeet’s Post, Now is not the time for toxic positivity

Her Children’s Book, Who Do I Want To Become? 


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“When we don’t belong, what this actually does is increases feelings of alienation and burnout, as well as underperformance.” [7:06] 

“If you’re continuously banging your head against the wall and you don’t feel like you belong, it probably isn’t that you don’t belong, it’s that the organization doesn’t fit or belong with you and your values.” [10:21] 

“This is not about men versus women at all, but when we look at the data of who is occupying the C-suites and the leadership roles and who is being cut down by who, it absolutely differs.” [15:09] 

“Leadership matters, but actually it starts with every single one of us being intentional with how we interact, act and react, and how we connect with others.” [22:14] 

“A big piece of creating those moments and experiences of belonging is when we see something, we say something.” [31:30] 

“If you want to create that culture of cohesiveness and transparency, your actions matter.” [43:20] 

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