“If you are facing retaliation at work, report it. Report it, report it, report it. By reporting it, not only do you potential have a claim for sexual harassment, you also have a claim for retaliation if they fire you afterwards.” – Tom Spiggle

Sexual harassment is something we all need to have greater awareness of around us, but what should we do it’s happened to us? How has the #MeToo movement changed how we’re experiencing this issue, particularly in today’s corporate world?

Your career is an asset and you should use the law to protect it, just as you would use a will to protect your physical estate. Our guest expert today shares exactly how to approach protecting yourself against mistreatment and harassment in the workplace.  

Tom Spiggle is a former federal prosecutor and founder of The Spiggle Law Firm, a firm that empowers women who have been fired or are afraid that they might be.

Tom shares powerful resources that help us navigate the complex issues around sexual harassment, and as you’ll hear, even a little bit of knowledge can go a long way when it comes to employment law. Getting the legal help you need usually does not involve a lengthy, and public, legal battle. Applying just a few basic legal principles discussed here today can help you come out on top, without going to court.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • The very personal reason that Tom does the work that he does in supporting women [2:13]
  • How we can use the law to protect our career, much like a will protects an estate [5:03]
  • The ways that the #MeToo movement has changed both the corporate world and the legal system [14:13]
  • What first steps you should take if you’ve been harassed [17:23]
  • Common misconceptions about lawyers and the legal system, and why even just a consultation is such a smart idea [19:08]
  • What potential consequences to your career to consider, both good and bad, when seeking legal recourse and why this should be about more than just a settlement [24:02]
  • What non-disclosure agreements are all about and whether or not we should sign one [29:33]
  • How everything that is happening in the world today in relation to sexual harassment is affecting men as well as women [30:28]

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Twitter: @tspiggle

FB: https://www.facebook.com/spigglelaw/?ref=bookmarks

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-spiggle-6870775/

Phone: (202) 449-8527

Resources Mentioned:

Tom’s Book, You’re Pregnant? You’re Fired!

DIY Legal Self-Help Legal Leverage Program and Blog Post about the Program

Episode 4: Gender, Power and Relationships: The Crushing Effects of Patriarchy, with Terry Real

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Avvo Lawyer Locator Site

National Employment Lawyers Association

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Kathy’s Forbes Interview with Tom, What To Do If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed In The Workplace


“There just seemed to be such a need, that that’s why I decided to focus on (in my career).” [4:33]

“A non-compete (clause) is only as powerful as the company’s willingness to enforce it.” [6:30]

“(#MeToo) is giving people a voice and helping people to realize that this happens.” [16:19]

“Not all lawyers have sharpened fangs and the first thing we’re going to do is drag you off to the courthouse steps; a lawyer who works a lot in this field is going to be sensitive to the realities of what you’re facing and will give you good advice.” [19:01]

“Your testimony, your story, is all you need to move forward in these kinds of cases. It’s evidence, and I don’t think a lot of people realize that.” [22:05]


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