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“The work is our compassionate ability to connect and live rich, real lives. Men just have to make the choice to live a good life and to stop living this hierarchical caricature of being a human being.” – Mark Greene 

In our world today, there is a dominance-based man box culture of masculinity that is resulting in isolation, violence and early mortality for men and deep, lasting challenges for all those whose lives they impact. However, there are men and women who are breaking out of the man box culture, and helping others do the same, and today’s Finding Brave guest is one such person. Our inspiring guest offers an invitation for each one of us to look at all of the ways we have been programmed to live, and to explore how we can escape these dangerous limitations society has reinforced in us.

Keynote speaker and author Mark Greene writes and consults on relational practices, diversity/inclusion and masculinity for organizations worldwide. As a co-founder of ThinkPlay Partners and as a Senior Editor for the Good Men Project, Mark has spent over a decade deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity. He is uniquely positioned to help men, individually and in organizations, create a healthier more connecting vision of masculine culture and identity. 

Mark’s newest book, The Little #MeToo Book for Men has been called “a blueprint for men’s liberation.” He is the founder of the Remaking Manhood community, which is dedicated to expanding the conversation about healthy masculinity.

I’ve rarely spoken to someone who has such a deep conceptualization of the work that absolutely needs to be done for our world to shift in a more positive, healthy way of perceiving and understanding human beings. Not only that, but Mark has lived what he speaks about, and the insight he provides about our society today was both fascinating and enlightening to learn from.  I’m grateful to Mark for the work he’s doing in the world.

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • What reinventing masculinity is all about, and Mark’s thoughts on whether or not this applies to femininity as well [5:18]

  • How each one of us has been programmed from a young age to view gender roles [10:23]

  • Why so many men are still struggling inside the man box right now, and the steps that they need to take from childhood on to prevent this from happening [17:46]

  • Mark’s own past attempts at trying to fit into the man box culture, and how he says that he ultimately failed at it [29:46]

  • The way that men’s work operates and the challenges that it addresses, specifically around helping men show their emotions  [43:41]

  • His thoughts on not ending traditional masculinity, but rather seeing it evolve instead [48:46]

  • What experience finally taught Mark about the true aspects of himself [50:59]

  • Action steps to take right now to move away from the man box culture as a parent or leader in the workplace [54:41]

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Latest Book, The Little #MeToo Book for Men

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“I think one of the best ways to frame what’s going on, in terms of our larger culture of masculinity, is to just simply view it under this overarching umbrella of domination-based culture.” [5:24]

“If we taught all of our children the full range of what it means to be human, then there wouldn’t be this false gender binary around what a man is and what a woman is.” [10:23]

“If we break boys’ ability to relate, connect and express, then their emotional lives get cut off. When you tell a boy to not show his emotions, you’re basically telling him to not connect in relationship to other human beings.” [25:55]

“We have to have relationships in our lives that will allow us to do this work.” [46:14]

“Traditional masculinity is fine. The problem with man box culture and the problem with dominance-based culture is when it says it’s the only way to perform masculinity.” [49:27]

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