“And now people realize that it doesn’t matter if you work inside a company, you have your own job or you’re a solopreneur. You need to offer something that’s unique and valuable, and that is based in who you are.” – William Arruda

Personal branding is something we hear about often when it applies to entrepreneurs and online business owners, but it’s also something that employees in the corporate world, as well as job seekers, should be aware of and hone consciously and powerfully.

Often people think they should be hiding what makes them different (what we’re calling here their “quirks”) when in fact these traits and characteristics are what’s most fascinating, unique and memorable about them. When it comes to personal branding and working your quirks, today’s expert guest on Finding Brave is the go-to source for top-level, expert information and strategies.

Referred to as “The Personal Branding Guru” by Entrepreneur magazine, William Arruda has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. A corporate branding veteran, William is the founder and President of Reach, the global leader in personal branding with representatives in 49 countries and products that have been used by more than a million people.

He has the distinct privilege of having delivered more personal branding keynotes to more people in more places than anyone else on earth. American Express, Google, Gucci, IBM, J&J, LinkedIn, Pepsi and Target are just a few in a long list of his clients. As a thought-leader, William is a spokesperson on personal branding and social media. He has appeared on BBC TV, the Discovery Channel and NPR and he’s been featured in 1,000+ publications. He’s the bestselling author of the definitive books on executive branding, Ditch. Dare. Do! and Career Distinction and he writes a regular column for Forbes.

This episode with William Arruda will encourage and inspire you to infuse everything you do with the parts of you that make you truly unique and different. And you’ll begin to understand why your uniqueness is so important to the world.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How thought leaders can embrace their vulnerability in order to build a brand that stands out [2:29]
  • What is personal branding, and why everyone needs it [6:06]
  • A powerful example of someone who’s turned her quirks into assets [11:11]
  • Who you’ll want to
  • focus on attracting if you’re in a corporate job [14:21]
  • What’s changed in the corporate world and the role of social media in breaking down certain walls [18:21]
  • William’s tips for working your quirks in a different way [23:19]

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Resources Mentioned:

William’s Forbe’s Column

His Books, Ditch Dare Do & Career Distinction


“We are taught, over and over and over again, that fitting in is good and standing out is bad.”[2:46]

“If we want to be successful, we need to know what our authenticity is.” [6:29]

“If you want everyone to like you, then your full-time job should be fitting in.” [13:03]

“We have to be comfortable (knowing) though that when we stand out, we can repel as many people as we attract.” [13:27]

“If you want to manage your first impression online, there’s one place to go. Tell your story in an authentic and compelling way on LinkedIn.” [20:59]

“In the corporate world, there’s applied personal branding. How do you take what makes you unique and valuable, and use that as a way to further your career, and at the same time move the company brand forward? [22:07]


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