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“That’s what it does. If a child can share with their guardian angel, then eventually they will share with mom, dad or someone else that can help them.” – Lorna Byrne 

Today’s episode of Finding Brave has a unique focus from many of my previous shows, as my inspiring special guests and I delve deeply into the topic of spirituality and how we can access spiritual guidance that can transform our lives, work, and relationships.

In this first episode of this two-part series, we explore my guests’ understanding and insights around how we are not alone in our lives, and that we each have a soul as well as ready access to amazing spiritual and angelic support that comforts, guides and nourishes us. I’m also so excited to talk with my guests about their beautiful new children’s book, My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend, that gives both children and adults a pathway to believing and seeing that they have a guardian angel and are always loved and supported. 

Lorna Byrne is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, speaker and international bestselling author of Angels in my Hair and seven other books published in more than 50 countries and 30 languages with millions of readers around the world. 

In 2019, Lorna was named by Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World. The people who attend Lorna’s worldwide events are very diverse, including theologians and religious leaders, sportspeople, businesspeople and scientists. People of all walks of life, young and old, of all religions and none, are drawn to Lorna to seek her spiritual insight. Many of them say she has given them back hope in their lives. My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend is Lorna’s first children’s book, a compilation of seven stories introduced and illustrated by her daughter, Aideen Byrne.

Aideen Byrne’s life was transformed at the age of thirteen with the publication of her mother’s first book, Angels in My Hair. Introducing and illustrating the new book My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend is the first step in giving voice to her own experiences of this spiritual journey. Beyond supporting and creating with Lorna, Aideen’s passion and career focuses on law and research, particularly access to justice. As Coordinator of the University of Edinburgh Law School’s Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education Department, Aideen develops and maintains their pro bono portfolio, helping people in Scotland and around the globe overcome the justice gap. Committed to encouraging social responsibility in others, Aideen co-founded to support law students doing pro bono work with access to high-quality training materials and events. 

From my own perspective, I share here how my beginning religious life failed to give me the sustenance I was longing for, and how what I was being taught felt “wrong” in some core ways. I share how I later developed a new spiritual life that fulfills and supports me in all I do, and how I discovered Lorna’s amazing work, and later met Lorna and Aideen and co-hosted a beautiful spiritual retreat with Lorna in Ireland. 

If you’ve ever felt like what you’ve been told from a religious or spiritual standpoint doesn’t fit you, you’re not alone. As it has with me, I believe that Lorna and Aideen’s work will speak to you too, and give you hope and inspiration. A perfect series for the holiday season, I hope you enjoy this conversation and come back next week to hear the exciting conclusion. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • My own spiritual background and the struggles with spirituality that led me to Lorna and her work [4:51]

  • Lorna’s spiritual journey and the her earliest memories of seeing angels from a very young age [9:15]

  • How a lot of society judges her views, but are hungry for a spiritual awakening as well [13:34]

  • The way that having a guardian angel has impacted Aideen’s life, and why she wanted to work with her mother on the latest book [15:25]

  • How the idea for the new book came to be for Lorna, plus the ways that it can give both parents and children more courage and strength [17:10]

  • Why children often have a bigger capacity for believing in angels than we do as adults [21:08]

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“I have to say that I had the best teachers and the best companions, because the angels have taught me every single thing I know.” [Lorna, 11:37]

“I think society in one sense is a little scared, but I think it’s hungry and thirsty as well. I think everybody out there in the world is.” [Lorna, 13:49]

“Having a guardian angel, or having a belief in God or even having a soul, all of that really just gave me strength. I don’t know where I would have gotten that from otherwise.” [Aideen, 15:46]

“The angels had said I’d write a children’s book and all the other books. They had said that one day they would become bestsellers, but they never told me it would be such hard work.” [Lorna, 17:13]

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