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The future is either something you default to, drive into in autopilot, go with the tides or currents and see wherever life takes you, or it’s something that you can actually build by design. Constantly re-evaluate what success is, and then make these one-degree shifts.” – Eric Termuende

What does it mean to create an intentional future, and how can we navigate a future that is so uncertain? These are questions that so many people are asking right now, and I’m thrilled to talk with today’s Finding Brave guest as he shares his helpful insights on one-degree shifts we can begin to take, and how to use them to our advantage now and in the future. 

Eric Termuende is a global leader and keynote speaker focused on all things people and work. From employee engagement to building communities and strong teams, Eric is a go-to resource for companies looking to boost their culture and attract and retain top talent. He brings a modern approach to human resources and elevates the importance of one-degree shifts to thrive in the future of work. Eric’s upcoming book, One-Degree Shift: Building an Intentional Future will be released in 2021.

I hope you find this conversation with Eric as thought-provoking as I do, because as he shares, one-degree shifts will allow you to build a more intentional future while living life in a more relaxed, composed and confident way, to overcome any challenge that tomorrow may bring. 

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • Why Eric is so passionate that we all must create an intentional future, and what he means by “one-degree shifts” [4:50]

  • How we each can start reducing the amount of friction in our lives, starting at the root [6:00]

  • The process that Eric uses to do this, including the actual questions he focuses on [9:35]

  • How making assumptions can impact our lives and hold us back from opportunities we could be taking [13:57]

  • What role our identity plays in creating an intentional future [16:52]

  • Tips for what you can do if you encounter someone that you don’t like or agree with [24:02]

  • The unexpected magic that can happen when you make a one-degree shift [26:44]

  • How to reframe where you are right now in this pandemic, and why we believe that perceiving yourself as falling “behind” can limit your growth and life experience [32:17]

  • The reasons that our values matter so much as we all strive for success, as it means to each of us [37:25]

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“Undoubtedly there will be friction in our lives that we’re trying to reduce and minimize. You want to live that frictionless, flow state that a lot of people talk about. To do so, I think we have to identify where that friction is coming from and ultimately make the small, viable change over and over again to reduce it.” [6:00]

“In my research I have found that there are two things people hate. Number one is change, and number two is the way things are.” [8:24]

“If I can keep as consistent and positive as I can be, then how people interpret who I am really is up to them, and not up to me.” [19:18]

“I’ve heard that authenticity isn’t created, it’s revealed, but it’s revealed through a world that continues to change and pivot around us.” [21:06]

“How we show up in the world and what we do is inevitably going to change based on what we learn and discover about the environment around us, because it has to.” [22:14]

“I think the more we break through the mold of yesterday to live a life that ultimately allows us to be successful in our own right, the better off we’ll be.” [30:56] 

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