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“To me there’s a real interplay or a harmony with your business on one hand and the contribution you’re making on the other, and you can’t have one without the other, in terms of impact.” – Ursula Jorch 

Focusing on the impact you can make with your business is a way to do good, and is also highly practical. As today’s Finding Brave guest shares, impact and income are intimately linked, and infusing impact throughout your business makes both financial and soul sense. 

Ursula Jorch is a business coach, speaker, and podcast host who shows women leaders how to turn their businesses into profitable agents for lasting change, global impact, and a force for good in the world. You can find Ursula at, along with free resources for you and your business. As well, her popular podcast, Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews features guests as diverse as Seth Godin and Marianne Williamson, and I have had the honor of appearing on her fascinating show as well. 

In this episode, Ursula shares her insights and experiences about how when you focus on impact in your business, your revenue and profit grow, but to be ultimately successful, impactful leadership is also essential. It’s with greater kindness, awareness and a broader understanding that we’re all connected and part of something bigger, that maximum impact can be achieved.

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • Why Ursula began focusing her work on the impact that can be made by entrepreneurs, and the big life transition that took place as a result [4:25]

  • How she defines impact, plus why having a balance of impact and profit is crucial [7:23]

  • Whether or not Ursula believes that someone can achieve financial success by pursuing his or her passion, versus just doing what that person is good at [12:40]

  • What can happen when we’re doing work that doesn’t align with our values, and the role that our culture plays in leading us down this path [17:10]

  • Some ways to increase profit when doing good, along with what studies now show about organizations that are prioritizing the impact they make in the world [19:44]

  • The big mistakes made by businesses that directly affect the profits they make [23:12]

  • How male and female entrepreneurs often differ, and why Ursula believes that more women aren’t receiving new venture capital money [25:49]

  • What an impactful leader looks like, and the 6 skills that need to be developed to become one [31:12]

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“The focus on impact got more and more central to what I was doing. It became really important to me to do good with business rather than just turn out a profit.” [6:21]

“I think there are folks who see a business opportunity and don’t necessarily look at it in the context of what they could be contributing with it.” [9:26]

“There’s a spectrum regarding impact, and companies don’t have to be social enterprises in order to make a true impact.” [10:22]

“There’s some really solid evidence that when you are motivated by having impact and making a difference in the lives of your customers and clients, it really ramps up your revenue as well.” [20:53]

“You’re really doing your business, and your impact, a disservice if you’re not keeping an eye on the profit margin and really making sure that you’re not spending money where it doesn’t need to be spent.” [23:53]

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