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“I think that having times in your life where you never quite know what’s going to happen, and getting through those times, builds a tremendous amount of grit, resilience, spontaneity and flexibility, and these are the things that I know make me partly successful today.” – Mitch Shepard 

Are you experiencing burnout and overwhelm, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to overcome or shift it? Today’s Finding Brave guest has powerful insights, strategies and tips for addressing your burnout and she is a true role model for aiming high, dreaming big, and being very brave around achieving meaningful goals in life and business. In this episode, she shares her inspiring story of taking a 12-month sabbatical across 5 continents and 23 countries with her husband and young children, including how she decided to embark on this experience, how they all pulled it off traveling for an entire year, the agreements they made beforehand as a family unit, how it changed her and her family, and how it helped her exponentially accelerate her confidence and business success.

Mitch Shepard is an entrepreneur, mother, wife, passionate world traveler, and executive leader. As the CEO and Chief Truth-Teller at HUMiN Inc., Mitch has spent nearly 20 years coaching and training some of the world’s top leaders across companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, Boeing, and more, and her specialties lie in leader & manager effectiveness and inclusion. Mitch is known for her straight-talk, candor, and realism in the way that she approaches business challenges.

Mitch’s story is a shining example of how we can grab the reins on our lives and take control of our own destiny. And as she explains, if she can engage in something like this that was so very meaningful and transformative, so can others. You don’t have to be rich or have things perfectly planned out in order to make it happen, and it doesn’t have to be something as big as traveling the world as she and her family did. The key question is: “What is the light at the end of your tunnel that you want to make brighter that you can start heading towards today?”

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Highlights from this Episode: 

  • How to recognize when burnout is happening, and the key signs to look for [5:14]

  • What “Zoom Burnout” is all about, and the way that Mitch is combating it at this time [8:36]

  • Key tips and strategies for establishing and maintaining boundaries in your life [12:45]

  • What achieving her family’s dream of traveling the world has meant to her [19:48]

  • How she and her husband entwined their family values into the trip [23:43]

  • The true lessons she feels that this adventure taught her children [30:36]

  • Small things you can do to create your own “light at the end of the tunnel” – without traveling the world [39:20]

  • Mitch’s advice for goal-setting to accomplish large or small objectives [41:46]

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“There are some clear signs of burnout, but sometimes we’re in it so much that we don’t realize we’re in it.” [5:15]

“You just have to get creative. You can’t wait for the world to go back to the way that it was.” [11:04]

“Lately I’ve been talking to people about building the longer term light at the end of the tunnel. What is your bigger ‘why’? What’s in it for you by working, besides the usual things?” [13:43]

“Whatever is in alignment with your values, I think right now all of us need to be able to have something that we see beyond today.” [17:33]

“Really ask yourself what your core values are, and burnout is as much about doing too much of certain things as it is not doing enough of other things.” [39:38]

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