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“The same problems are made in both internal communications and external communications. The problem is we don’t sufficiently value our own stories, our own messages, our own people and what they believe. Therefore we don’t think it is worthy of covering, and it absolutely is.” – Justin Brady 

Communication is the #1 barrier that holds back any entity from greater exposure and success, and bad communication can absolutely interfere with your marketing, along with your employees’ productivity. To learn more, I’m so excited to speak with today’s Finding Brave guest, as he shares the ways that any individual or company, regardless of its size, can cultivate and amplify their stories in order to develop their brand.

Justin Brady is an expert at cultivating and amplifying the compelling stories of his emerging tech clients, reaching millions. He also hosts his podcast The Justin Brady Show that focuses on business and work cultures, and features the best communicators in the world that have found ways to out-smart and out-create their competitors.  

This conversation with Justin is a fascinating study on what you should, and shouldn’t, do to connect your message to journalists and other brand conduits. Along with sharing how to amplify your own message, he gives first-hand tips and insider strategies for building your listening and empathy skills, which will be invaluable regardless of what career you are pursuing.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • What Justin does to help companies, and why his focus is on assisting emerging technology companies [4:00]

  • The biggest communication errors that he sees companies making right now [8:06]

  • A simple game and strategy you can use to approach your marketing strategy that could pay dividends [12:00]

  • Justin’s best tips for pitching yourself to others, and the importance of relevance in this process [15:09]

  • How external and internal communications in a culture are really quite similar to each other [17:10]

  • Some ways that management and a company’s executive team often suppress valuable ideas from their employees [19:30]

  • What Justin has done to become a much better listener, and the reasons he knew that this needed to be done [22:40]

  • The first steps to take if you want customers to find your business [28:58]

  • What to know in order to stand out in the personal brand business [33:27]

  • Why Justin feels “never give up” is bad advice to give and take [37:20]

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“Every company does have some incredible stories to tell. They really do, but most don’t see it.” [7:30]

“Rather than trying to strangle someone and bring them to your side, bring them into an existing conversation that is already happening.” [13:48]

“People do know deep down inside what it feels like to be right, and what something should look like. The problem is there’s a breakdown in communication when they try to communicate that to you.” [25:36]

“Write things down, listen, ask follow-up questions and never, ever, ever be thinking about your next question.” [25:58]

“The problem is we have these internal skills, passions, desires and things that make us excited, but then we try to apply them to the real world somewhere.” [39:53]

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