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I’m excited to share our “Editor’s Summer Top Pick” for Finding Brave! This episode is a special favorite of our wonderful editor Matt Mawhinney of and shares vitally important information about the first of the 7 damaging power gaps that 98% of professional women are facing today that block them from reaching their highest and most thrilling potential. Today’s episode explores Power Gap #1: Not Recognizing Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments and how to close this power gap for good.

In this episode, I give an overview of all 7 of the power gaps that my book The Most Powerful You explores, and I focus on Gap #1 – THE most prevalent gap that I see in working with thousands of professional women in my coaching programs, courses, webinars and trainings. So many women struggle to recognize that they are indeed talented, to believe that they are actually “great” at what they do, and to see clearly how their talents and abilities truly matter in the workforce and in the world.

It’s essential to understand that it’s not arrogant or selfish to recognize and appreciate that you have greatness inside of you, because when you leverage your talents and passions in a bigger, more confident way and in service to others, you are finally able to make the powerful difference that you were meant to, and experience the joy, reward and fulfillment that you long for in your work, business and career.

“Know that you are amazing. Every individual on the planet is, and the world needs your talents and your abilities desperately. Can you trust and accept that fact, that you are special and you are unique, and now is the time to recognize that clearly?” – Kathy Caprino 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why I decided to publish a series of podcast episodes focusing on the power gaps that I see, and the two major questions I wanted to answer by doing this [4:23]
  • What I have discovered over many years of working with professional women about the importance of “positive power” and why women tend to fear it [7:01]

  • A breakdown of all 7 power gaps, and the anecdotes for overcoming them [10:53]

  • How I uncovered my own special skills and took the brave step to reinvent myself [24:43]

  • What research is showing that happens to girls around the age of 13, and how it’s holding us all back in damaging ways [33:23]

  • Some powerful action steps you can take today to overcome this first power gap, including a strategy to maximize the effectiveness of LinkedIn for you [37:10]

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“You can’t have what you want in your career, and you can’t have the reward, the thrill, the impact, the meaning or the purpose you want if you don’t have any power.” [7:21]

“I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like a little more confidence right now, and a more power to take the reins on their life and career.” [11:59] 

“You can’t have a rewarding career if you don’t know how you are talented, and if you can’t talk about it or name it.” [15:20]

“People that don’t recognize that they are important and valuable often feel victimized and stuck.” [19:01]

“So many people hold themselves back from a happier life or career because they think they’re faulty, or not as educated or smart.” [19:53]

“What I’ve seen is that so many women actually don’t think they are worthy of the great success and rewards that they dream of.” [33:23]

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