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“We’re talking about a marriage with that part of yourself that has a voice, that wants to be heard, and that has a story to tell. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about it. If you have a story to tell and you have a voice, and you want to tell it, then you can write that book.” – Bruce Gelfand 

So many women and men I hear from have something they so long to share with others in writing. Whatever your walk of life or professional focus, it’s important to understand that you have a voice that is worthy of being heard and shared, and it’s important to give yourself permission to share it. Today’s Finding Brave guest is a wonderful writing coach I’ve worked with personally to help me hone the ability to excavate my own authentic voice, and find the courage (and give myself permission) to share my core messages with the world.   

Bruce Gelfand is a writer, teacher and writing coach based in Santa Monica. He has taught hundreds of writing workshops and seminars in venues around the world, and has worked with thousands of writing students – from masters in the field to absolute beginners. His private coaching clients include CEOs, corporate trainers, Academy and Emmy-Award winning writers, directors, actors, and leaders in the worlds of politics, health, and spirituality.

As a writer, Bruce has over 30 years experience in theater, film, television, and publishing in both New York and Hollywood. His plays have won national playwriting awards, been produced Off-Broadway and in theaters around the country.

He has written numerous feature films and movies-for-television, as well as writing and directing the feature-length documentary, “The Family Safe”. He is also a writer of fiction, non-fiction, songs, and award-winning poetry. His book, Brighter the Light, Deeper the Shadow was published in 2004.

He has launched a new program for writers – A Writers’ Hour – which is an inspirational program to writers of all levels around the world.

In this episode, Bruce shares his best advice for pursuing your next writing project, whether it be an article, blog, book, memoir or screenplay. As Bruce reveals, your life is a better one and the world is a better place when you share the distinctive voice that is inside of you.  

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How to know if we have a book or writing project living inside of us [5:11]

  • The way that Bruce’s own journey as a writer began at a very young age, and his pursuit of the “voice” he heard inside himself so many years ago [8:09]

  • Why we have significant power to write when we are tapping into the genius of the human experience and trusting in the process [12:21]

  • The role that hope and faith will play as you write [16:15]

  • Bruce’s practical approach to writing and the very first steps he has the people he works with take before beginning to write [23:28]

  • Why he doesn’t like the word “discipline” – and what he prefers to use instead [26:21]

  • Whether or not Bruce believes that anyone can be a good writer [29:49]

  • The most common mistakes he sees that writers need to stop making [34:03]

  • How someone with writer’s block can overcome hesitations and challenges [37:11]

  • The magic that can happen when you suspend belief and just begin writing [42:04]

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Bruce’s new program from writers – A Writers’ Hour

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Bruce’s Online Writing Classes

His Book, Brighter the Light, Deeper the Shadow : Voices from the Writing Workshops of Bruce Gelfand

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“I think everybody’s voice is as distinct as their fingerprint, and as distinct as their soulprint. I feel that the world is less without it.” [5:30]

“Voice is just spirit and language.” [5:49]

“One of the things I like to say when people ask me what I do, is that I dance people into the mystery of their own voice.” [11:39]

“Whatever shows up is exactly right to have shown up. You write from that place and you trust it. It may not take you where you want to go, but it will take you where you need to go.” [18:31]

“When you’re a beginner and you’re starting with a blank slate, nothing can be as terrifying and nothing can be as thrilling. Everything is possible with a blank piece of paper, and it’s like taking a first breath.” [20:45]

“I think everybody can be a writer, and everybody can be a good writer, and I think very few people can be a great writer.” [27:48]

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