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“This disruption in particular that we’re faced with is an enormous opportunity for each of us to step into a very powerful mission that inspires us, so that we can be a force for good. In fact, that is actually the key to help us thrive.” – Henna Inam 

If there is one thing we can be certain about right now, it’s that disruption is here to stay and we must evolve as individuals, as well as collectively, if we’re to thrive. The good news is that we absolutely can do this, and today’s Finding Brave guest explains the five key challenges of leading in times of disruption, and the shifts in agility that will allow us to thrive, grow and succeed in the future workplace. 

Henna Inam is an executive coach, global speaker and the author of the book, Wired for Disruption: The Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work. A 20-year veteran of Fortune 500 companies she has seen first-hand the pressures of leading in times of disruption. Her book details the five shifts in agility and 15 Agility Accelerators (tools and practices) to help activate our innate agility and be a force for good in times of disruption. Her neuroscience-based research shows that agility is already built into our DNA. In her book, she shares how these shifts are within our control and how they promote well-being to help us reach our highest and best in the future of work.

Henna’s insights and perspectives are uplifting, as she shares her unique leadership perspective that demonstrates how each of us can take the reins on our own lives and reshape our leadership approach so we can more successfully lead our own lives as well as our ventures, teams and projects, to greater heights. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why Henna feels that leadership needs to be redefined in the times we now live in [5:26]

  • What it really means to be a “disruptor” in 2020, plus the enormous opportunities that await each of us right now [9:02]

  • How agility will help us overcome our challenges as leaders, and the 5 key challenges Henna feels we will face [12:22]

  • The ways that organizations are shifting their structures as a result of the current disruption [21:02]

  • What are the two main elements of trust, and some tools she recommends for building trust agility [22:02]

  • What Henna sees is holding people back from establishing the necessary growth-oriented agility practices [26:47]

  • The only true way we will ever thrive as individuals and as a society [33:52]

  • How Henna’s book will help each person who reads it, her powerful life’s mission, and more [34:32]

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“Our world really needs us to be leaders, regardless of where we are in the organizational hierarchy.” [6:33]

“Our job as leaders, as a community of 8 billion human beings is to figure out our new role in the disruption. How can you not just be a victim of it, but how can you use this energy of disruption to create positive change?” [11:44]

“We’re living in an increasingly unpredictable world, and this unpredictable world requires what I have called learning agility, which is the ability to most importantly unlearn and then relearn.” [16:09]

“We live in times where we have collective problems to solve that no one individual, government or organization can solve for us.” [26:16]

“The only way for us to thrive is to connect with the empathetic, neural networks in our brain, which is the part of us that feels more connected, curious and creative.” [33:52]

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