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“For those who’ve sold their soul for money, their professional lives can be extremely painful, crushing and in fact, unsustainable because they’ve unconsciously chosen to walk away from the exciting dreams for their lives that would bring fulfillment, internal reward and a sense of purpose.” – Kathy Caprino 

On this episode of Finding Brave I share the audio version of Chapter 6 of my new book, The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, which launches this month. This chapter is very close to my heart, as it explores the damaging power gap of losing sight of your thrilling dream for your life, which I’ve lived through, and it can be a crushing experience. This is something that has not only impacted me, but countless others in the pursuit of “success” and “safety” in their careers and professional lives. 

Things will happen to each of us that derail our dreams, and often you’ll take a direction that you think is right for you, but it ends up being the wrong path. It’s a universal experience — that what we once believed was possible and desirable can change, and we have to change as a result. If you don’t want to wake up unhappy years from now, you have to accept this fact and realize that you alone are responsible for you how you respond to the life that’s before you, and to the challenges and hardships that you’ve faced. 

You alone have the power to shape your future, and now is the time to choose your own way in pursuit of the life you want to live and the mark you want to make in the world. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • My real-life client Kendra’s powerful story about the stories she formed from an early age which caused her to not pursue her own thrilling dreams [7:56]

  • The one big mindset shift that has truly expanded her thinking since enrolling in my course [18:01]

  • A major realization Kendra has made about pursuing our dreams [26:04]

  • 4 common reasons why many professionals have turned their backs on themselves – and their dreams [28:51]

  • Who is  more susceptible to experiencing this particular power gap [36:04]

  • The reason why I feel that you don’t find your passion [37:38]

  • 3 fundamental steps to igniting passion from within [38:30]

  • What are the essential traits and characteristics for having a rewarding career or following your calling [45:35]

  • The internal exploration and external action to follow to get started towards pursuing your own thrilling dream [48:46]

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“When I was in the throes of my darkest period of my corporate career, I can honestly say that what was most painful to me was that I had unconsciously thrown away all my dreams for a thrilling and rewarding career.” [6:08]

“From the beginning, so many have pursued work that they ended up disliking intensely but said to themselves ‘At least it brings in great money.’” [29:26]

“There are some passions we have that might make us happier to pursue as hobbies rather than careers. It’s important to make the differentiation early on by ‘trying on’ the passion in any way you can, to see if it fits your life and your goals as a way to earn a living.” [33:24]

“Anyone who says you should unequivocally abandon your passion if you want to be ‘successful’ and earn a lot of money just doesn’t understand that you can have both if you do it wisely and when other critical pathways to success are in place.” [35:07]

“It’s only in the act of nurturing your own skills and talents and finding exciting ways to apply those talents towards outcomes that you truly care about that you will finally experience the internal safety and security you long for.” [37:18]

“If you want a rewarding career that ignites passion within you, first you need to get to know yourself much better than you do now.” [39:30]

“The key to a fulfilling career and life is to follow your authentic path, not somebody else’s. Figure out what that lights you up on the inside, and motivates you to be all you can be, and do it.” [46:53]

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