In today’s Finding Brave episode, I’m thrilled to highlight the powerful wisdom and insights of Dr. Polly McGee whose work is focused intensively on the integration of spirituality and business success.

Dr. McGee is an author, entrepreneur educator, digital strategist and yogi. As co-founder of Start-up Tasmania, she was voted one of the most influential people in Australian start-ups. She has worked with hundreds of start-ups to help them refine their business ideas and connect with their markets. A prolific speaker and writer on digital strategy and small business, Polly contributes to a range of publications and has created a suite of digital and video content and workshops. She coaches heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses to make a greater impact in the world.

Polly’s forthcoming new book The Good Hustle  uniquely combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with contemporary business practices in a compelling blend of mindfulness, spirituality and entrepreneurial action.

In today’s interview, Polly shares:

  1. How creating a heart-centered business and working in service to others can change the world and your own life
  2. How ancient yogic philosophies and Buddhist teachings give us a contemporary framework to use on our path to happiness
  3. How spirituality, mind management, life and work and intrinsically combined
  4. The ways that managing our minds and turning our intentions toward service can remove obstacles to happiness and success

Ultimately, Polly shares that spirituality is about being connected with the divine in each one of us, and continuing on our own personal journeys  helps us discover our own authentic answers to life’s challenges.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why bringing spirituality, yoga and mindfulness to a business can be such a struggle – but it needs to happen [4:17]
  • What Polly means when she says that we really need to become friends with ourselves first [11:40]
  • How spiritual practices can help an entrepreneur or startup be more successful and why it really all begins with service to others [14:36]
  • Her concept of “good hustle” and why it can’t be forgotten [21:06]
  • Why she is so passionate about helping women specifically [24:36]
  • Polly’s insights on passion, purpose and the self-help industry as a whole [27:48]
  • What happens when we attach too strongly to a particular outcome [32:16]

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Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Polly’s New Book, The Good Hustle : Creating a Happy, Healthy Business with Heart

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Kathy’s Spirituality & Success Series on Forbes and interview with Polly:

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“If we are in service to people, then we are coming from a place of love and a place of holding them, rather than coming from a place of taking from them.” (4:58)

“Spirituality is about being connected with the divine in you.” (5:52)

“We can’t disavow the parts of us because we’re getting somewhere better. We are already there. This self we’re presenting in this moment is the only self we have and we have to love every part of that.” (11:21)

“Our business is a very clear indication of what’s going on in our mind.” (21:56)

“Passion and purpose are so intimate. They’re so personal. So if we don’t know what they are, then we feel we are failing on so many levels, because if we don’t know what they are, how the hell are we ever going to find out?” (27:46)

“There’s no problem having stuff. The problem is when we attach to it.” [33:23]

“It’s really about just having that belief that you don’t have to control everything.” [38:54]


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  1. KaPar

    Lovely – thank you. What beautiful energy between both of you!

  2. Kathy Caprino

    Thank you so much, KaPar! I’ve flipped over Polly – what a beautiful soul doing beautiful work in the world that is so needed. Thanks for listening in and sharing your feedback.


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