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“I understand that in some cases people truly have no options, for a variety of solid reasons, but for so many other people there are options. There are different avenues available, but we have to feel strong enough to find the right kind of help.” – Kathy Caprino 

I’ve seen firsthand–and research and data confirm it–that there is widespread gender bias, sexual harassment, and other forms of unfair and illegal behaviors at work. From Chapter 5 of my new book, The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, I share what has happened to me personally around mistreatment and sexual harassment as well as experiences from other women I’ve worked and spoken with, as the dynamics of these particular situations resemble in critical ways what millions of women around the world are experiencing.

Even though I started writing this book several years ago, all of these power gaps, including and especially this gap of Acquiescing Instead of Saying “STOP!” to Mistreatment, is even more relevant right now. I hope that anyone listening who has been on the receiving end of mistreatment will get something helpful from this episode. I believe with all my heart and soul — and have dedicated the past 10 years of my life to teaching and supporting this principle — that each and every one of us can take important bravery-boosting actions today that will generate new options for us, and help us muster the bravery and the power to stand up, speak truth to power, and do the important work we must to end abuse and mistreatment in the workplace. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why revised laws aren’t the only thing needed to see real change for race relations in the United States and beyond [5:05]

  • Who I believe has biases, why they have them and where the danger lies in holding on to them [9:03]

  • A shocking thing that people who are being mistreated often do [11:00]

  • Why I feel so strongly about helping those people who I work with end the victimization [14:20]

  • My own personal experiences of being mistreated in the workplace that rocked me to my core [15:55]

  • The ways in which these experiences have transformed me to this day [20:15]

  • The subtle forms of mistreatments often go unreported, and a story of how one of my clients took bold action to change this [22:05]

  • There is powerful and amazing appropriate support available to you, even if you don’t realize it [25:22]

  • What you can do to create your own power shifts, specifically as a woman being mistreated at work [26:29]

  • A critical message that we need to be conveying to others right now [31:25]

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“You can change a law, but if you don’t change the unconscious bias of the people enacting the law, it’s not going to work. That’s what I’m most concerned about.” [5:05]

“Our brain is wired to form these biases, which I believe has evolutionarily been there so we can make sense of our reality.” [9:25]

“What I am trying to do is take us from victimhood to being more in control and claiming the power for our lives.” [14:55]

“I realized that for mistreatment to stop I had to take a braver stand, and I started to see that I wasn’t alone as well.” [21:19]

“We’re seeing how people that feel they have no power have come together and they have made a difference.” [25:53]

“Repeating behaviors are not random. You are co-creating them, and you have to look at it.” [30:29]

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