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“I do want us to think bigger, and the whole mindset of “the best thing” is living each day to the max because we woke up and because we are here. Indeed, if I am here today, I truly do believe the best thing is ahead of me. – Antonio Neves

Today, I’m sharing an exploration with you of my own belief, and my guest’s as well, that the best thing to ever happen to you continues to be ahead of you, not behind you. Back in 2016, my Finding Brave guest reached a point where even though the internet, social media, and his resume said he was “successful,” he was in a deep funk in his personal and business life. In this episode, he reveals how he set out to course-correct and to ensure that his best days were always going to be ahead and not behind him.

Antonio Neves teaches powerful principles and actionable strategies to ensure that how you live your life every day, and the mindsets and behaviors you embrace, will leverage all that you’ve experienced and learned, and set you up to continue to thrive at your highest level. 

An award-winning broadcast journalist, Antonio spent over 10 years working as a correspondent, reporter, and producer with top networks including NBC, PBS, and BET.  In the years following, he became an internationally recognized speaker and coach, and has delivered hundreds of keynotes across the globe to some of the largest brands in the world including: Google, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Stanford University and more. Antonio is also the author of three books including 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life) with another book coming soon. 

As Antonio shares, you do indeed have a say in your life, but you must take full responsibility for where you are today. If you focus on being of service to others, and don’t overly attach to specific outcomes and remember to reach out and not do it alone, you can accomplish anything of significance that you put your mind to. 

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Antonio’s breakdown, breakthrough moment in 2016 that impacted what he does today [5:15]

  • The internal guilt and feeling of disconnect that he was experiencing at that time [8:53]

  • What steps Antonio took to recover, and the lessons we can all learn from it [9:50]

  • How hiring a coach himself has resulted in him becoming a better coach to his clients [11:34]

  • The way that Antonio learned that validation needs to come from within, not from outside sources [13:18]

  • What he does to lean on a strong community of allies on a regular basis [18:03]

  • How to start showing up for yourself – not just others [20:48]

  • The real reason why many of us aren’t sleeping well [26:33]

  • Why Antonio determined that the best way to live your best life is to “release the outcome” [31:03]

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Resources Mentioned: 

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His New Podcast, The Best Thing and his interview with Kathy on “Choose Who You Want To Be In the World

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“What’s wild is that while all these things on the Internet and social media were going right for me, I couldn’t have felt more empty inside.” [5:50]

“It was so funny, here I am coaching so many people, yet I wasn’t getting coached.” [12:10]

“Society will tell you quickly what you want if you’re not paying attention.” [12:28]

“When we give everything to everyone else, we end up losing.” [21:02]

“It took me so many years, and here I am in my early forties finally able to say that my job title does not determine my worth.” [24:48]

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