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“Ok, can we improve the job that we’re doing by maybe 3 percent? If we improve it by 3 percent, would it feel a little bit better? I think that’s why I’m so thrilled with the feedback that people have sent me.” – Bruce Daisley

Many of us don’t love what we do, and we feel exhausted trying. Overwork, stress, exhaustion, and unhappiness are increasingly becoming the norm for far too many people in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Today’s special guest distills the wisdom of experts into 30 simple changes that anyone can try to make work more enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding for themselves and their teams. 

Bruce Daisley was previously Twitter’s most senior employee outside of the US, in his role of Vice President across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He joined the company in 2012 having previously run YouTube UK at Google. He has also worked in the magazine publishing and radio industries having got his first break by mailing a cartoon resume of his life to prospective employers. Bruce’s passion for improving work led to him creating the podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on making work better. It became a number 1 smash in the UK (also hitting the business top 10 in the US), and his Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks For Bringing Joy To Your Job is an international bestseller.

What’s so exciting about what Bruce shares in this episode is that you don’t have to have a managerial title to make a big difference in your organization, and you can start today. Bruce not only provides actionable strategies that you can implement on your own, but he also gives us ways that we can work together as a team with our colleagues that will noticeably improve the culture and work environment for everyone involved.  

Highlights from this Episode:

  • How the work situation Bruce has experienced contributed to his writing this book [5:07]

  • His personal experience with burnout and the ways it can be recognized and addressed as soon as possible [10:51]

  • The observations he’s made about the emotional connections formed in the workplace, and the ways that men and women experience corporate environments differently [13:09]

  • How holding walking meetings can dramatically improve any workplace [20:36]

  • The benefits of approaching change with scientific data as a backup rather than just using opinions [23:36]

  • Why Bruce says that creativity and anxiety live in opposition to each other [27:07]

  • The power of laughter and his best tips for being intentional and finding the time to do it [33:33]

  • What hack Bruce gets the most pushback on and what brain science is saying about this topic [35:32]

  • What’s next for this fascinating guest, and why failure at this stage doesn’t frighten him [42:50]

For More Information:

Resources Mentioned: 

Bruce’s New Book, Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job

His Podcast 

Bruce’s Cartoon CV

His Article, Nine Ways to Make Your Work Day Better

Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (prof. Simon Baron-Cohen)

Dr. Robert Provine’s Books on Laughter

Professor Sophie Scott 

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“I knew that if I took credit for the good times, then I needed to take responsibility for the bad times.” [8:25]

“Often when times are hard, business leaders and all of us are reluctant to be as honest as we should be about how bad it is.” [9:18]

“Women are generally better at reading the room, and they’ve learned over time that reading the room is a wise way to interact.” [17:29]

“‘We’ve discovered that creativity and anxiety live in opposition to each other.” [27:07]

“Moments of unfocus seem as powerful as moments of focus, and that for me was a revelation.” [42:18]

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